Ability is everything, air blast spiral freezer delivery and start-up on time

Ability is everything, Air blast spiral freezer delivery and start-up on time

Post Time: 11 March 2020

Against all odds, during the new coronavirus outbreak, our 1500Kg/hr oyster spiral air blast freezer was delivered on time.

Now, our technicians have started the installation at client site. The main parts, freezer library, evaporator, double stage screw compressor (Fusheng brand) and evaporative condenser have been erected in place.

We firmly believe that we will be able to start the start-up of our spiral individual freezer by this week.

We are also firmly under the belief that the IQF spiral quick-freezing machine reflected our latest refrigeration technology will be able to operate perfectly and bring the expected benefits to our valued customers.

Believe in our technology and ability in the field of individual quick frozen, and we will reward you with more trust than you expect if you give us the opportunity.

IQF Spiral freezer 

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