Buy Deep Fat Fryer, Potato Chips Frying Machine

Buy Deep Fat Fryer, Potato Chips Frying Machine

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Potato Chips Frying Machine is the necessary fryer machine in potato chips, frozen French fries, banana chips, onion ring frying process. Batch and continuously operation is option in accordance with the final capacity. Both electricity and gas is able to be the heating source of chips fryer machine.

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    Deep fat Frying Machine Summary

    How to make crispy French fries? How to make potato crisps? In potato chips French fries manufacturing process, deep fat frying machine plays a very important role.

    The actual temperatures and times is the most important for deep frying machine, it depends on the type of chip fryer, the throughput and oil recovery rate, the s being fried size of the pieces like potato chips, French fries, banana chips, plantain chips, potato wedge, finger chips, onion ring etc., the nature and condition of the frying fat or oil and upon local taste.

    In any case, the oil should not be overheated during chips frying process; otherwise, it will spoil more rapidly. However, frying must be carried out at a certain minimum temperature, or the fried food will be greasy and the fat usage (by absorption) will go up. Therefore, thermostats should be checked regularly to make sure they are working correctly.

    Prepare the food carefully, ensuring that it is as dry as possible before frying. Wet foods – particularly potatoes – tend to make the oil froth and break down and this is unsafe and wasteful.

    01 Small Potato Chips Frying Machine|Batch Deep Fat Fryer

    potato chips French fries fryer


    Batch deep fat fryer is suitable for a small capacity potato chips making plant, like 30Kg/h, 50Kg/h

    New Oil (Fat)-water mixture frying technology has many advantages,

    • In frying pan, put into fresh and clean water in the bottom and then frying oil or fat are added. Due to different density between water and oil, water will in the bottom of frying pan.
    • In the middle layer of frying oil or fat, there are the heaters, which will us either electricity or gas, LPG as heating source.
    • The fried material like potato chips, French fries, banana chips, plantain chips, potato wedge, finger chips, onion ring etc. will be in the up frying oil layer while deep frying making, residues will be deposited into water through a filter . Frying oil oxidation degree and pollution will be much reducer to result as long service lives and more clean.
    • Thermostats ensure to automatic keep the constant frying temperature in fryer machine during a batch of chips and fries etc. frying process.
    • Cooling devices is equipped in the oil-water interface to keep the temperature different not more than 55℃.
    • Frying fat consumption is unexpected less as the fat in residues will be return to the frying oil before discharge; frying fat consumption is only the absorption of final frying chips or fries.
    • Due to automatic control the frying oil temperature and water, power is saved of 50%.

    Batch operation with manual discharge, fryer machine price is economic.

    Both Electricity and gas are all available as the heating source.

    Technical data

    Specification Heating Sorce/Operation Power Oil Pan Dimension
    HYZ500 Electricty/Manaul 9-12Kw/380V 500*500*400mm 880*620*930mm
    HYZ1000 Electricty/Manaul 21Kw/380V 1000*500*400mm 1380*620*950mm
    HYZ1200 Electricty/Manaul 24Kw/380V 1200*700*400mm 1580*620*1000mm
    HYZ1500 Electricty/Manaul 36Kw/380V 1500*700*400mm 1880*620*1000mm

    02 Automatic load and discharge French fries deep fat Fryer

    automatic load and discahrge deep fat fryer


    Automatic discharge French fries frying machine is suitable for a semi-automatic frying and frozen chips manufactures.

    Potato chips and fries will be fried in a batch operation fryer but with electric automatic discharge, more easy and safety.

    Same to Small Chip Fryer Machine adopts advanced oil-water mixture technology, which can save consumption of 50%oil, and 40% power.

    Both Electricity and gas or LPG is all available as the heating source.

    Frying time in accordance with different recipe is easy to set up and automatic control during chips and fries frying process.

     Technical data

    Specification Heating Source/Operation Power Oil Pan Dimension
    HYZ1200A Electricity /Automatic discharge 27Kw 1200*700*400mm 1600*1050*1200mm
    HYZ1500A Electricity /Automatic discharge 40.5Kw 1500*700*400mm 1900*1050*1200mm
    HYZ2000A Electricity /Automatic discharge 54Kw 2000*700*400mm 2350*1050*1200mm
    HYZ1200Y Electricity /Automatic discharge/impeeler 63Kw Φ1200*400mm 1660*1490*1500mm
    HYZ1500Y Electricity /Automatic discharge/impeeler 79Kw Φ1500*400mm 1680*2050*1500mm

    03 Automatic Continuous Deep Fat Fryer Machine


    Automatic Fryer Machine    continouse deep fat fryer


    Automatic Continuous Deep Fat Fryer Machine is suitable for potato chips industry plant.

    Continuously working, full automatic control, there is no any worry. 

    Fries like Potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips, potato wedge, finger chips after drying process is directly put into the automatic fryer machine. The fryer is a pan filled with oil, on the bottom mesh belt is present to transport the product. The oil is injected in the bottom over the width of fryer.

    The fryer includes an oil circulation system with filter for the course of dirt remover, a thermal oil heat exchange and a circulation pump. To complete the system a prime oil day tank is included. 

    Technical data

    Specification Power weight Dimension
    HYZ4000 69.37KW/380V 600Kg 4000*1350*2250mm
    HYZ5000 72.37KW/380V 800Kg 5000*1350*2250mm
    HYZ6000 96KW/380W 1100Kg 6000*1350*2250mm
    HYZ7000 102.37KW/380V 1200Kg 7000*1350*2250mm
    HYZ8000 117.37KW/380V 1300Kg 8000*1350*2250mm

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