What should be paid special attention during garlic peeler operation?

What Should be Paid Special Attention During Garlic Peeler Operation?

Post Time: 02 April 2018

Garlic peeler is designed for peel the dried separated garlic cloves with a smooth surface. It utilizes compressed air to remove and separate the garlic skin.

The normal time relays set up data for our garlic peeling machine operation is as follows,

Feeding time: 0.3~0.6 second   

Peeling time: 6~20 seconds      

Discharging time: 3 seconds

The feeding time from storage bucket into peeling chamber, or in other words, the amount of garlic clove feed into the machine, and peeling time can influence the peeling performance.

When all necessary adjustments are completed, start up the air compressor until the air pressure meets the request, switch on the power of the peeler, and the peeler starts to work.

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