Weekly commentary on vacuum frying technology-vacuum frying technique is more suitable for frying sugar rich fruits

Weekly commentary on vacuum frying technology-Vacuum frying technique is more suitable for frying sugar rich fruits

Post Time: 22 June 2021

vacuum fried jackfruits chips sugar rich fruits vacuum fryer

Fried products are playing an important role in consumer s diet because of their unique flavour and texture.

Oil uptake is one of the most important quality characteristic of fried food, which maybe significant result health problems such as coronary heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

Degradation of nutritional compounds and the generation of the carcinogen acrylamide in the foodstuff due to high frying temperatures and exposure to oxygen have led to the development of healthy and low fat snack products.

Vacuum frying is a deep-fat frying process, which is carried out below the atmospheric pressure, reducing the boiling point of water and, hence, the frying temperature.

Vacuum frying is an excellent alternative to conventional frying; the low frying temperatures and minimal exposure to oxygen are responsible for most of the benefits of the fried products, which include improve nutrient preservation, development of color, texture and sensory, reduced oil oxidation, and reduction in toxic compound generation.

Vacuum frying technique is more suitable for frying sugar rich fruits, because higher frying temperature causes charring of the fruit and negligible moisture removal from the fruit. Optimum quality has been obtained from ripened sweet jackfruit slices which are fried under vacuum at 90 C for 25min. 

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