Weekly commentary on vacuum frying technology-fruit and vegetables vacuum frying

Weekly commentary on vacuum frying technology-Fruit and vegetables Vacuum Frying

Post Time: 11 May 2021

Fruit and vegetables vacuum frying

In low temperature and low pressure absence of air during vacuum frying may inhibit oxidation reaction, including lipid oxidation, enzymatic browning. It is an efficient method to reduce acrylamide content of products. It gives significant effect on color also and pressurization period also has an important role in oil absorption.

Fruit and vegetables are processed with vacuum frying, have better nutritional value, texture, color, and other sensory characteristics than traditional deep fat frying and also reduce the formation of harmful substances such as acrylamide and excessive saturated oil, thus meeting the demands of modern public health.

But there is a need to work on the small scale vacuum fryer and make it economical. Vacuum fried products no doubt are less oily, natural color and flavor after frying compared to the fried products from atmospheric frying.

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