Vacuum frying technology development

Vacuum Frying Technology Development

Post Time: 07 February 2021

Small scale vacuum fryer

Vacuum frying is a novel way that the product is heated at low pressure thus decreasing the boiling points of the water in the product and as a result of lowering the frying oil temperature. Water in the fried food can be rapidly removed when the oil temperature reaches the boiling point of water.

Moreover, the absence of air during vacuum frying may inhibit lipid oxidation and enzymatic browning, the color and nutrients of vacuum fried products can be largely preserved, and therefore, reduced oil oxidation.

Frying under reduced vacuum resulted in great acrylamide reductions (up to 94%) (Granda et al., 2004) due to the lower temperature used during vacuum frying.

Small scale vacuum fryer and industrial automatic continuous vacuum frying machine has been successfully application to process dehydrated fruits and vegetables delicate snacks.

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