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Post Time: 29 October 2021

vacuum frying sweet potato chips fruits and vegetables vacuum frying machine

Vacuum frying is the process of frying and dehydrating food at low temperature (80~120 °C), which can effectively reduce the damage of high-temperature food nutrients.

Vacuum Frying Main Features

1) Prevent the loss of nutrient from food at high temperatures; keep effectively the natural color and flavor of the food.

3) The oil uptake can be less than15%.

4) The carcinogen acrylamide (a chemical compound found in certain foods) is reduced.

5) Reserves and condenses well, food is crispy and delicious.

Vacuum Frying Application

Fruits: apple, banana, monkey peach, pineapple, winter jujube, strawberry, jackfruit, etc.

Vegetables: carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, garlic, onions, mushroom, winter melon, okra, etc.

Meat foods: beef, fish fillets, shrimp, octopus, etc.

Vacuum fryer

Vacuum frying machine has integrated design. Frying, de-oiling and oil filter can be carried out continuously under vacuum condition.

Automatic control temperature without overheating ensures product quality and production safety.

Nutrition and Color preservation

During vacuum frying process, not only greatly reduced the frying temperature, but also reduces the concentration of oxygen in the fryer. Fried food is not easy to fade, discolour, browning, and can keep the color of the material.

Good taste and Special flavour

During vacuum frying, the raw material is heated in a sealed vacuum condition. The flavor ingredients in most of the raw material for water soluble, does not dissolve in oils and fats, and with the dehydration of raw materials, the flavor ingredients has been further enrichment.

Oil service life extension

Oil degradation including oxidation and polymerization, thermal decomposition, and give priority to with water or water vapor and oil contact hydrolysis. Under negative pressure condition, the relative lack of oxygen can reduce frying oil oxidation, such as fatty acids, enzymatic Browning and other oxidation, etc. and frying temperature is low, therefore, the oil degradation is reduced greatly.

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