Tunnel quick freeze machine main parts description

Tunnel Quick Freeze Machine Main Parts Description

Post Time: 05 June 2017

Tunnel Quick Freeze Machine Main Parts Description

Support frame

The freezer library body is hanging with a support frame; it is easy to wash the ground.

Freezer library body and door

Freezer library body is made of duplex stainless steel sheet with polyurethane in the middle, it has a perfect thermal insulation performance.

Air cap is equipped in the feed inlet; cold will never be loss, so energy is saved.

2 pcs inspection door and a 600mm aisle are to make cleaning and maintenance easily.

Water collector and drainage

Water collector is in the whole bottom of libraries, all washing and defrosting water will not leak.

Mesh belt and driving gearbox

A special vibrating device is equipped in the first 3 meter nesh belt to keep the un-frozen products be uniformly put on it, a perfect freezing efficiency is expected.

Mesh belt is driven with invertor for different frozen fruit and vegetable request.

Air supplying and Fan

The air supply system provides a large amount of cold air flow evenly, also set the air deflector to effectively reduce the loss of kinetic & potential energy, completely cold air is around on the un-frozen fruits and vegetables, it is available to have quick freeze in the most short time.

Axial flow fan of low noise and high efficiency can run very well for a long service time in low temperature status. Also, maintenance is easy due to evaporator and fan set up separately.


Aluminum finned tube evaporator of high thermal efficiency is able to run for a long service time in low temperature with less frost formation and defrosting time.

Operation panel

Mesh belt is driven with invertor.  2 sets waterproof temperature sensor are set up to accurately measure the temperature in the freezer.

Cold Source System

1 pcs twin screw compressor for strong convective air blowing; 3 pcs piston compressors for cross air blasting.

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