The secret of smoking meat

The secret of smoking meat

Post Time: 19 April 2021

Meat Smoker Oven

Meat smoking process is applied to many cured meats, and the primary purposes of smoking meat are

(1) Development of aroma and flavor,

(2) Preservation,

(3) Creation of new products,

(4) Development of color,

(5) Formation of a protective skin on emulsion-type sausages,

(6) Protection from oxidation.

Meat Smoking, whether directly from wood or in liquid form, contains phenols, alcohol, organic acids, carbonyls, hydrocarbons, and gases. The antimicrobial properties of smoking result from the activities of some of the smoke ingredients and the heat that is associated with wood smoking. Liquid smoke contains all of the essential ingredients of wood smoke, but it is free of the carcinogen benzo pyrene.

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