Vacuum packaging application- extending the storability and quality of seeds

Vacuum packaging application- extending the storability and quality of seeds

Post Time: 09 November 2020

The various seed quality related findings of researchers have been suggested that vacuum packaging is better over conventional packaging and extending the storability & quality of same are listed in the following

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Vacuum packaging, extending the storability and quality of seeds
SL.No/  Researchers Crops Seed Quality Parameters
01 Pandiarajan et al Banana Bunches could be stored in a vacuum pack at room temperature for up to 3 weeks
02 Ada et al Potato The physical qualities of minimally processed potatoes (Desiree variety) stored for 7-10days under vacuum packaging
03 Sharma et al Cashew kernels Vacuum packaging of fried cashew kernels treated with antioxygenic salt extended the shelf life and acceptability up to one year, irrespective of frying medium under ambient conditions
04 Gorris and Peppelenbos Unripe Banana It was found that vacuum packing of green unripe banana could prolong the shelf life of banana to more than 40days
05 Rouziere Peanuts No changes in physico-chemical properties occurred during high vacuum storage at any temperature or quality of peanuts during nitrogen compensated vacuum storage at ambient temperature, over a period of 18months
06 Beirne and Alison Potato Enzymatic discolouration in potato strips could be reduced considerably by vacuum packaging with dipping in ascorbic acid based antioxidant solutions and storing at 5ºC. Vacuum packaged strips had retained excellent colour for at least 14days either without antioxidant or with 1 per cent or 5 per cent ascorbic acid.
07 Steinbuch et al Green Vegetables Vacuum packaging also contributed to a prolonged maintenance of original flavour of the leaves of herbs. Both the flavour and colour of the sliced celeriac was preserved by vacuum packing for one month.
08 Sheik et al Groundnut Vacuum and nitrogen gas replacement treatments in packaging of peanuts inhibited rancidity development. They also reported that the use of free oxygen absorbers produced anaerobic conditions for about 90days and thus inhibited fungal growth and rancidity.
09 Balasubramanyam et al Peanuts Vacuum packaging extending shelf life up to 180days normal conditions
10 Slay et al Peanuts The shelf life of peanuts in plastic packages could be increased from a few weeks to several months by purging the packs with nitrogen gas under vacuum.
11 Dull and Kays Pecan kernel Vacuum packaging maintained colour and greatly reduced the mechanical damage in pecan kernels
12 Achour et al Date palm The application of partial vacuum packaging increased shelf life from 3.8 to 9months compared to simple sealing
13 Severini et al Almonds Vacuum conditions were necessary for the successful preservation of roasted almonds, but the effectiveness of vacuum was apparent only if it is combined with a good oxygen barrier provided by the selected packaging film
14 Chiu et al Sweet corn Primed sweet corn seeds were vacuum-packed and stored at 25°C up to 12months
15 Barzali et al Rye seeds Vacuum packed seeds gave the highest values for shoot dry weight, seedling dry weight, shoot length, root length, and seedling length
16 Sanjeev et al Packaged food Although vacuum or gas packaging can be used to extend the shelf life and keeping quality of food
17 Ellis et a Sesame The deleterious effect of oxygen on seed longevity increases as seed moisture content decreases and confirmed that hermetic(Vacuum) packaging is preferable for long-term seed storage
18 Rao et al Sorghum & Bajara There was a gradual loss in germination rate under vacuum packed bags under all the storage conditions
19 Paakkonen et al Dill Freeze dried dill was better preserved in vacuum packages at room temperature compared to glass jars and paper bags and was found to have higher intensity of odour and taste
20 Mohamed et al Chiku The ascorbic acid content was highest in vacuum packed fruits
21 Meena MK et al Onion The vacuum packed onion seeds indicating better seed quality parameters over conventional packed seeds up to 18months of storage
22 Chetti MB et al Onion, cotton, Peanut & soybean Results of the study revealed that there was a gradual decline in seed quality parameters of all crops during entire storage period of 18months with respects to vacuum packed seeds.


Meena MK, Chetti MB, Nawalagatti CM, M Chandra Naik, Vacuum packaging technology: a novel approach for extending the storability and quality of agricultural produce

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