Roll stock automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Roll stock Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

Post Time: 03 August 2021

Thermoforming of polymers involves the stretching of a preheated polymer sheet on a mold producing the specific shape.

Roll stock Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine is suitable for packaging of Food, seafood product, meat product, vegetable and fruit product, pickles, chilled meat, electronic, hardware, chemical, pharmaceutical and other dried products.

Roll stock Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine Main Parts

Roll stock Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

1. Lower film: polymer sheet

2. Forming die: preheated and then thermoformed by means of compressed air or/and vacuum

3. Loading area: fill the products manually or automatically

4. Upper film: Transparent plastic film or printed color films

5. Color mark sensor: Italy origin

6. Sealing die: The upper film is sealed hermetically after vacuum or MAP process

7. Cross cutting unit: Cut the sealed films in lateral direction

8. Longitudinal cutting unit: Rotary cutting to accomplish the machine direction cutting, complete the individual packs

9. Film trim collector: Mechanical wrapping or suction type, option

10. PLC Panel: Siemens touch screen, push-pull type

Roll stock Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine Featurs

  1. The machine adopts aluminum magnesium alloy panelized construction; guide rail and wallboard are for integral extrusion forming.
  2. Forming, sealing and lifting adopt pneumatic lever independent lifting locking system.
  3. Combination sealing dies, integral sealing cushion, and sealing-heating plate are multiple heating tube inlays.
  4. Original German (BUSCH) vacuum pump
  5. Servo system controls stepper speed with high speed and precision.
  6. SMC valve terminal type pneumatic system
  7. Computer temperature control system, intelligent heating function, precise temperature control.
  8. Imported photoelectric tracking system, available colorized tectorial membrane, guarantee for design position precisely.
  9. PLC control, large color Human-machine interface touch screen, push-pull type for control panel.
  10. Cross-cutting knife operates independently and controlled by computer.
  11. Forming, sealing, cross knife and longitudinal knife are all equipped with safety protection system and safety cover.
  12. Equipped with imported automatic recycle system for wasted and scrap.

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