Potato frozen french fries report

Potato Frozen French Fries Report

Post Time: 22 March 2017

Potato Frozen French Fries Report
1.1 Introduction

Indian fast food sector is growing at 25-30 % annually due to rapid growth of fast food chain both Indian and international. Presently, the core food service Indian market is 3600 crores and the share of quick service restaurants is Rs. 2500 crores. Out of the total snacks, potato based products like French fries, wedges, products using potato flakes and other Indian snacks have about 30 % share in fast food industry, approximately 75 crores in value terms.

French fries are among the highest saleable potato products. This is the most abundant processed potato and can be found in many varieties such as lattice cut, wedges, curly,

batter dipped, seasoned, or straight –cut including French Fries on menu is one of the easiest ways to increase sales and profits for the companies。【From http://mpstateagro.nic.in】

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