Modified atmospheric packaging (map) extends the shelf life of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable

Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) extends the shelf life of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable

Post Time: 28 June 2021

Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) fresh fruit and vegetable

Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), extending the shelf life of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable.

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MAP definition MAP refers to the modification of the atmospheric composition of a package by decreasing the content of oxygen (O2) and replacing it with nitrogen (N2) or/and carbon dioxide (CO2). The MAP is the simplest form of vacuum packaging (VP),in which air is removed from packets and low O2 permeable films are used to pack the products and sealed Arvanitoyannis, 2012
MAP Application During MAP of fresh produce, the partial pressure of oxygen is low, and CO2 should be high but not too low and too high because this leads to injury of fruit. The main purpose of MAP packaging is to extend the shelf life of whole and cut produces by delaying enzymaticbrowning, reducing respiration rates, minimising the metabolic activity of ethylene production and improves outer appearance. It may also retard the growth of spoilage microorganisms when storage at low temperatures which helps in improving a product quality Bennik et al. , 1996
MAP Case An atmospheric pressure of 3 kPa O2 and 10 kPa CO2 maintained a good appearance of lettuce, without much effect on microbial growth

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MAP materials For the MAP, different types of packaging materials may be used for packing of fresh-cut fruits and vegetable such as polymers, films, formats, structures, etc. for making oxygen transmission rate (OTR) polymers, flexible, rigid containers, micro-perforated materials. Day, 2001
MAP setback A setback of this technology is an anaerobic spoilage microorganism which generates CO2 inside the package and also allows simulated growth of pathogens

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