Invest in vacuum frying technology, savour coexistence of healthy and delicious snacks

Invest in Vacuum Frying Technology, Savour coexistence of healthy and delicious snacks

Post Time: 01 December 2020

vacuum frying banana mongo jsckfruits vegetable and fruits  chips

The vacuum frying technology allows offering consumers a healthier and delicious product. Fruits and vegetables fried in a vacuum fryer are turned into healthy snacks that are rapidly gaining in popularity and becoming an alternative to traditional chips.

The low pressure at which processing is carried out in a vacuum fryer, allows producing snacks at lower temperatures, from 85°С to 120°С, makes the end result crunchy but preserves the natural color, taste, and nutritional properties.

Vacuum frying is carried out at low temperature. Acrylamide and other carcinogens, which are formed at temperatures over 134°С, are not presence in snacks.

The removal, by means of vacuum, of air brings the oil does not turn rancid, stays fresh longer, not retain the taste of the last product fried, and it will not have to be replaced so frequently.

A competitive product in the snack market, are you ready to invest of vacuum fryer?

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