Hvf-900 vacuum frying machine technical data

HVF-900 Vacuum Frying Machine Technical Data

Post Time: 12 June 2017

1. The advantages of vacuum frying

Nutrition, convenience and safety are the trend of current food development, Natural fruit and vegetable chips are more popular.

The advantages of vacuum frying are as follows,

1.1 High efficiency of frying oil utilization

In a vacuum frying process, the frying oil is in a negative state, the chance of the oil being oxidized by oil contact air is reduced and the frying temperature is low, the degree of deterioration of oil is greatly reduced.

1.2 Less consumption of frying oil

In vacuum frying process, due to a fast moisture evaporation speed, fried finished products will be of porous loose. During de-fating process under vacuum, frying oil will be removed easily, low oil content is available。

1.3 Healthier food。

Vacuum frying process is of low temperature (80-120 ℃), and in a very short time, dewatering and drying is finish. Final fires are of low water content, low oil content, much crisp and not greasy, it keeps original shape, color, smell, taste, and vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients.

1.4 Vacuum frying is suitable for

Fruit: banana, jackfruit, apple, kiwi, wood grape, persimmon, strawberry, grape, peach, pear, etc.

Vegetables: tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkin, onion, etc.

Dried fruit: date peanut, etc.

2. Vacuum frying machine brief introduce

2.1 Heating, vacuum frying, de-fating, dehydration, oil filtration are complete finished with automatic operation in one vacuum fryer, the fries has low oil content.

2.2 Automatic temperature and pressure (vacuum degree) control ensure that no overheating and no overpressure happen.

2.3 De-fating speed is easy set up with inverter; it is suitable for either low or high oil content de-fating request.

2.4 Frying oil and condensate separator system to make cool and separation for evaporated water and frying oil, not only reduce water cycle pollution, but also improve water reuse efficiency and reduce frying oil consumption.

2.5 Frying oil heat and filtration system to keep the oil is clean with automatic filtration during frying process, and frying temperature is controlled as constant with steam or electricity heating source.

2.6 All parts materials in addition to pumps are all made of stainless steel.

3. Vacuum Frying Machine Technical Data


Technical Data





Frying Capacity



Frying time


Depends on moisture content

Limit vacuum degree



Frying fat temperature



Frying oil Heating

Internal heating&

circulation by Pump

Steam or electrical heating,option

Steam consumption



Steam pressure



De-fating speed






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