How to make potato crisps?

How to Make Potato Crisps?

Post Time: 15 August 2020

How to Make Crispy Fries? There is, No doubt, very well established and standardized process now.

1st Washing and Peeling

Potato peeling is most important step, the peel loses is less, and the higher yield will be achieved.

Potato Peeler Machine applies to peel and wash potatoes, carrots, dasheen, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables.

2nd Slicing and Blanching

Potato chips slicer cut the peeled potatoes into slices, chips, sticks, strips and shredded

Then it is blanched short in hot water, followed by long time in less hot water.

3rd Cooling and Frying

The dryer has to remove a certain amount of the water from the product to improve crispiness of the stick and shorter frying times.

Potato chips frying machine plays a very important role in French fries making process. The actual temperatures and times is the most important for deep frying machine, it depends on the type of chip fryer, the throughput and oil recovery rate, the being fried size of the pieces, the nature and condition of the frying fat or oil and upon local taste.

4th Cooling and Quick-Freezing

After de-fatting vibrator, frying fries are going cooling again. Fries air drying machine is by means of fans.

After cooling, fries are directly dropped over to the quick freeze machine. In the freezer the fries is cooled down further till -18°C

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