How to dry chili with heat pump dryer?

How to Dry Chili with Heat Pump Dryer?

Post Time: 25 May 2018

Each food has its special drying curve. One advantage of heat pump dryer is drying process can be made which exactly meets various step drying request.

Drying chili (peppers) by phase is the best practice at present.

In the first phase, dry the pepper to reduce its moisture contents from 75-80% to 50% and then heap up till guttation from the surface. Guttation is more important in pepper drying process which has a great impact on quality. It will force pepper oil to permeate toward pepper’s surface to make color of dried peppers uniform, red and smooth and to make water well-distributed.

In the second phase, dry the guttation pepper continuously. Pepper becomes soft and inflated. It will take 20-40 hours to dry up pepper. Don’t stir pepper too much in the second phase. Otherwise, damage rate will rise.

Drying time varies with the quantity and type of pepper. All these drying process are easy accomplished by means of high efficient condenser heat pump dryer PLC control of drying temperature, drying time and humidity set up.

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