To build a practical vacuum frying fruits snacks process, simple or complicated?

To Build a Practical Vacuum Frying Fruits Snacks Process, Simple or Complicated?

Post Time: 15 August 2020

Vacuum Frying is a deep-fat frying process, which is carried out below the atmospheric pressure, therefore, reducing the boiling point of water and, hence,  the frying temperature.vacuum fried vegetable chips

Vacuum frying better preserves nutrition, keep lesser oil content, and reduces 94% of acrylamide formation which is the most health benefit of vacuum fried products.

A practical application vacuum frying fruits and vegetables snacks producer should include fruit preparation, pre-treatment, vacuum frying and de-oiling process.

The choice of the vacuum frying conditions was dictated by, for example, the structure, moisture and sugar content, shape and size and pre-treatment used. Therefore, there was no other way to come up with a vacuum frying process for a specific product except to carry out experiments to obtain an optimized process.

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