frozen potato fries process and machines

Frozen Potato Fries Process and Machines

Post Time: 27 July 2021

Frozen Potato Fries IQF Freezer

The producers of fried potato snacks, French fries and potato chips are constantly growing in popularity, due to their interesting aroma and taste and more attractive in terms of shape and color.

Frozen French fries are a semi-finished product that is sold frozen, usually in the form of strips with a cross-section of 10*10 mm and a length exceeding 6 to 7 cm, which contain about 4% fat when pre-fried, while ready-to-eat fries may contain about 7% fat.

High quality French fries not only have attractive golden brown, crispy outer layer but maintain wet and soft inside with lower oil content and less amount of acrylamide formation.

Industrial French fries manufacturing is normally a continuous process, usually includes cleaning, peeling, slicing, blanching, cooling, drying, pre-frying, frozen storage etc.


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