Flavor and healthy of plantain chips

Flavor and Healthy of Plantain Chips

Post Time: 07 December 2018

Anyway, thanks to the unique flavor of deep fat fried plantain chips.

Even if fried plantain chips contain fiber and are typically low in sodium, the truth is that they're high in fat and calories, the same to all fried products.

Can’t get low fat plantain chips?

1. Why not to try vacuum frying plantain fries?

Vacuum frying may be an alternative frying with low oil content and the desired texture and flavor characteristics. Vacuum frying plantain chips are carried out under pressures well below atmospheric levels, reduced oil uptake; preserved natural color and flavors.


2. Why not to try heat pump drying technology?

Heat pump drying, which is carried out at a low and medium temperature, almost closes to a natural drying process, will keep the maximum retention of original flavor and nutrients without any additives.


3. Any other way?

Nonetheless, it’s better on fresh plantain instead of the crispy chips if a health perspective rather than merely enjoying flavor is considering.

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