Exploring the benefits and process of vacuum frying technology for producing healthy and crispy fruit snack

Exploring the Benefits and Process of Vacuum Frying Technology for Producing Healthy and Crispy Fruit Snack

Post Time: 13 March 2023

Vacuum Frying Technology for Producing Healthy and Crispy Fruit Snack

Vacuum frying is a process of frying food below atmospheric pressure. This vacuum frying has several benefits, such as reducing the amount of oil uptake, improving the texture and flavor of the food, and extending its shelf life.

Fruit snacks vacuum frying technology involves the use of a vacuum fryer to fry fruit slices at low temperature and low pressure.

A typically vacuum fryer has several key units, including

A frying vessel, which is made of stainless steel, is where the food is placed and fried.

A vacuum pump unit is responsible for creating and maintaining the low pressure within the chamber.

A heat exchanger heats the oil with steam to a precise temperature during frying.

A control panel is where the operator can adjust the frying time, temperature, and pressure.

The fruits are first washed, peeled (if necessary), and then sliced into uniform chips. They are then blanched in hot water to remove excess moisture and then immersed in sugar syrup to enhance the taste and texture.

After, the fruit slices are placed in the vacuum fryer, where they are fried at a temperature of around 70-90°C and a pressure of around 60 Torr. The low pressure and temperature ensure that the fruit chips are not overcooked or burned, and the removes the moisture from the fruit, resulting in a crispy texture.

The final product is a healthy and crispy fruit snack that has retained most of its original nutritional value, flavor, and color. Vacuum frying technology is a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods as it uses less oil and results in a lower calorie and fat snack.

Enjoy healthy and crunchy fruit snacks from now on.

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