Vacuum frying, a right way of delicate vegetables and fruits snacks come into being

Vacuum Frying, a Right Way of Delicate Vegetables and Fruits Snacks Come Into Being

Post Time: 18 January 2021

delicate vegetables and fruits snacks vacuum fryer

Fruits and vegetables are source of many vitamins and antioxidants.

Carotenoids make corn yellow, carrots orange, and tomatoes red. Alpha, beta and a few other carotenes can be converted to Vitamin A. About half of the roughly 50 carotenoids in the human diet are absorbed into the blood stream.

But fresh fruits and vegetables spoil too quickly.

Carotenoids are nearly insoluble in water and are best absorbed when associated with oils (Da Silva et al., 2008).

Most of the high nutritious vegetables and fruits under vacuum frying retained or accentuated their original colors. Vacuum frying process clearly reduced color degradation due to low oxidation during the process.

Anthocyanin and total carotenoids content were significantly high (20-50% higher) for the products fried in the vacuum fryer than those in the traditional fryer.


Research literatures

Researcher Fruits Vacuum frying condition Nutrition
    Vacuum Temperature  
Dueik et al., 2010 carrot slices 6.5 kPa 98-118 oC Retained 90% of trans -carotene and 86% trans -carotene
Perez-Tinoco et al. 2008 pineapple chips 24 kPa 106-117 oC Total phenolic content and dehydro-ascorbic acid content increased, and high residual content of vitamin C.
Nunes and Moreira, 2009 mango chips   120 oC Highest carotenoid retention ,around 62%
Yang et al., 2012 sweet potato chips 20 kPa 90 oC Higher total carotenoids and anthocyanin



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