Small scale deep fat fryer operation points

Small Scale Deep Fat Fryer Operation Points

Post Time: 24 March 2018

Small Scale Deep Fat Fryer which is designed with new oil (fat)-water mixture frying technology is suitable for a small capacity, like 30Kg/h, 50 Kg/h.

1. Add fresh water into deep fryer pan until overflow from water valve. Pls pay attention that it must be not too much water to avoid a wrong water temperature indication, in this case, water boiling will occur easy.     

2. Edible oil quantity depends on the fried products size; in any case, what is the important is the frying oil layer must be 30-40 mm higher than the temperature sensor.

3. Turn on the power switch, set up frying temperature in accordance with the frying process. Normally, it is from 160-220℃, but never more than 230℃ due to it is the ignition point of oil. Water temperature is set up around 50℃.

4. Start frying while the reaching the set oil temperature, do not need to operation during frying because the temperature is automatic controlled.

5. Frying oil need to be discharge after long time using and new edible oil need to be changed. Note that the oil exit valve should be open first for draining oil and then discharge water. Also it is not allowed to do this job before the oil temperature is lower than 80℃.

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