Why a condenser is important in vacuum frying process

Why a Condenser is important in Vacuum Frying Process

Post Time: 21 August 2020

Vacuum fryer condenser

Vacuum fryer are categorized under continuous or batch frying operation. All are designed as a deep fat frying process that is carried out under pressures well below atmospheric levels, preferably below 50 Torr (6.65 kPa) and lower temperatures less than  100 .

Obviously, create and maintains a vacuum is vital.

Is only a vacuum pump is important during frying and post frying, de-oiling process ?

Of cause, No, not like this. A corresponded condenser should be also pay more attention in practice.         

The condenser is a device used to change the phase of vapor into liquid. Vapor condensation is the most important unit operation required to prevent steam reaching the vacuum pump by condensing it.

Shell and coil surface condensers have a suitable heat transfer surface to condense vapors by transferring heat by conduction. it is recommended in a vacuum frying process. In some case, a air cooled condenser is introduced as a pre-cooling before a main condensers.

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