Can frozen fruits & vegetables be as nutritious as fresh ones?

Can frozen fruits & vegetables be as nutritious as fresh ones?

Post Time: 05 July 2021

vegetables and fruits IQF Freezer

Fresh vegetables can lose up to 45 per cent of important nutrients by the time they reach the dinner table.

IQF process of preservation is so far considered to be the best in comparison to dehydration, canning, bottling & aseptic technology. When fruits & vegetables are quick frozen by this methodology then there is no loss of nutrients, color, shape or texture.

A wide range of fresh fruits &vegetables are quick frozen at very low temperatures ranging -30 C to -40 C to lock in the essential nutrients and flavor with optimum color, taste and texture. Each piece of fruits & vegetables such as Mango, Papaya, Green Peas, Sweet Corn, Mix Vegetables, etc. is frozen individually by fluidization technique.

Frozen products are also packed at their peak of freshness. Frozen fruits and vegetables may be more nutritious in some cases if stored for short periods of time under well-controlled temperatures. Frozen vegetables can be more nutritious than supposedly fresh supermarket produce, a study has found.

The IQF range of products has shelf life of 2 years when stored at - 18 C and below. All the products can be customized to different presentations & packaging as per requirement.

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