Abrasive potato peeler machine operation manual

Abrasive Potato Peeler Machine Operation Manual

Post Time: 24 March 2018

Abrasive potato peeler machine is especially suitable for small scale potato chips French fries processing.

1- Put fresh potatoes into the peeler drum before starting. The batch quantity is as follows for reference,


Batch quantity






2- Open the fresh water valve, adjust the amount of water properly, and then start the potato peeler machine running. 
3- Stop peeling after around 2 minutes, and check out the peeling effect. Open the exit door and turn on peeler to discharge when a fine peeling appears. Otherwise, continuous peeling process again until complete removes the potato skins.
4- Washing rotary drum after max 5 batch operations as some mud and potato skins will be deposit. This will help to save fresh water consumption during peeling process.

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