Easy cope the 2019 ncp and start works today

Easy Cope the 2019 NCP and Start Works Today

Post Time: 10 February 2020

Happy Monday, Dear all!

A sunny today, Monday, 10 Feb. 2020!

Although a sudden outbreak of 2019 NCP(Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia) occurred since Jan,Chinese government has taken the most powerful measures. Now everything is under control both health care and daily life is going well.

We are confident to announce that we will return to work since today, all producer and delivery are in order.

Wishes all our professional industrial food process machines, potato chips French fries process machines, vacuum fryer, IQF Air blast freezer, Food vacuum packaging sealer, Heat pump dryer and others will be of your service soon.

Thanks God!

Thank you for your continued support!

Look forward to your free contact. Chat online, email or talk on WhatsApp will all be high appreciated.


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