Frozen french fries making machine

Frozen french fries making machine

Short Description:
Frozen French Fries Making Machine is applying in frozen French fries production line process manufacturers by means of fast-freezing technology.


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Frozen Fries MarketFrozen French fries

Fast food sector is growing at 25-30 % annually due to rapid growth of fast food chain in the world.
Virtually all of the restaurants’ French Fries we love use frozen product. There is substantial and growing
market for fresh French fries which are made in the eating joints from fresh potatoes. Fresh French Fries
are also made in middle income group households quite frequently. A part of this market can also be captured
in view of using ready to cook food products from frozen French fries directly.

Process Description for Frozen French Fries

1st Washing and Peeling
Potatoes are feed into a hopper with an elevator behind. A de-stoning takes place in a flume for settling
the sand and gravel into the potato peelercollecting chamber while potatoes soaking.
Drum washer makes a preliminary washing and then potatoes are collected in a screw conveyor to bring the potato peeler.
Potato peeling is most important step, brush roll potato peeling machine is recommended.
The peel loses is less than with abrasive peeling, the higher yield will be achieved.
Extra washing by means of separate shower for washing while screw blade carries potatoes forward will be done,
small damage and more cleaning.

Special case
If the final frozen fries of a large capacity, steam peeling process is necessary in advance. Potatoes are by means of
steam heat and then the pressure is released rapidly, so the potato cell moisture starts boiling and rubs the cell wall.
The skin will hang loose. In the second brush peeler, this loose skin is brushed away completely and easily.

2nd Slicing and Blanching
After potato peeling process, hand picking will be done on a sorting table to select the defective potatoes.
And then up-to-standard potatoes will be collected in receiving hopper which has a buffer for at least
10 minutes to cope with fluctuations in the feed.French fries slicer

How to cut potatoes for French fries? How to cut curly Fries? How to make potato crisps, wedges, cutlets, chips?

In this process, Potato chips slicing machine will cut the peeled potatoes into slices, chips, sticks,
strips and shredded potatoes easily with knives to cut square or rectangular product or wedges be placed.

A spray bar for fresh water is offered to remove free starch from the slice fries, which has come free by cutting through the potato cells.

A belt elevator brings the slices to the blancher. The most common actual blanching process is to blanch
short in hot water, followed by long time in less hot water. The first blancher has a retention time up to 2 minutes on approx.
90°C and the second blancher has a retention time of 40 minutes on a temperature of approx. 70°C.

3rd Cooling and Frying
The high quality demands equal color of the stick and prevention of after cooking darkening. Before the
chips or fries are fried, it should be properly dried. Potato chips air drying machine conveyer chips or fries
with air blowing while chips turnover, the surface water will be removed completely and quickly, the dryer has to
remove a certain amount of the water from the product to improve crispiness of the stick and shorter frying times.french fries deep fat fryer

Nest step, How to make French fries?

In this process, fresh potato chips and fries will be fried with a continuously chips fries fryer.

Continuously working, full automatic control, there is no any worry.

The product of the dryer is collected on a collecting belt or converging in-feed vibrator to
bring the product directly into the fryer. The fryer is a pan filled with oil, on the bottom a wire
link conveyor is present is present to transport the product. The oil is injected in the bottom over the width of fryer.

The fryer assembly includes an oil circulation system with belt filter for the course of dirt remover,
a thermal oil heat exchanger and a circulation pump. To complete the system a prime oil day tank in included.
The frying tank is set on 45-90 seconds, in oil of 180 °C the moisture content of the end product is fixed on 64%. The fat take up will be approx. 5-6%.

Directly behind the fryer a de-fatting vibrator is placed to remove as much as possible surface fat from the product.

4th Quick-Freezing
After de-fatting vibrator, frying fries are going cooling again. It is the same process like before frying cooling.IQF Tunnel Quick Freezer

Fries air drying machine is by means of fans and blown through the fries to achieve an easy temperature
drop from 90°C incoming till 5°C for the exacting French fries.

After cooling, fries are directly dropped over to the freezer belt. This drop over point corresponds with
the solidification point of the fat. So, if product has stick together, the relatively week bonds are easily broken apart.

In the quick freezer the product is individually quick-frozen. This means that a high capacity
cold airflow is blowing upward through the product, fluidizing the product bed. The first belt part brings the
product on the general solidification point of water (-1°C). The second belt of the freezer has a thicker layer of

product and the product layer is cooled down further till -18°C in average a retention time in a freezer is minimum 9 minutes.

Tips: IQF Individual fluidized quick freezer is the most suitable in a frozen French fries process.

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