Small Potato Chips Making Machine|Crisp Making Machin

Small Potato Chips Making Machine|Crisp Making Machin

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Small scale semi-automatic operation Potato Chips Making Machine is suitable for an initially investment of potato chips manufacturing plant.

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    Potato Chips French Fries Market Insights

    potato chips french fries

    Potato chips business is the most-lasting business now and forever

    The global potato chips market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3%, during the period 2017-2022, to reach a market value of USD 40.3 billion by 2022. Easy affordability and availability has helped substantially grow potato chip consumption globally. With the younger population representing a key segment of total demand, product innovation has become an imperative for market players.

    Small Potato Chips Making Machine|Crisp Making Machine Features

    small potato chips making machineSmall potato chips making machine is especially suitable for the small-scale potato chips, hot chips, finger chips, fries, frites, potato wedges process which is a good business in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc.

    Perfect investment: small crisp making machine of semi-automatic potato chips processing line has unimaginably value price.

    User-friendliness: Due to semi-manual operation of the batch potato chips French fries process, each machine is designed as a one-click set up, easy operation and maintenance.

    Less labor: for a crisp project of 30 kg/h, 6 staffs is available.

    Small space request: for a potato chips manufacturer of 30 kg/h, 50M2 is enough for all these small potato chips making machines installation.


    How to make crispy French fries, making potato chips?

    01 Potato Washing and Peeling

    samll potato peeling machineThis process ensures optimum peeling of the potatoes as the first step of potato chips and fries making. The less peel is removed, the higher the yield of your process.

    Batch Potato Washing & Peeling Machine peels the potato using a rough contact surface which is lined carborundum, the hardest polishing and abrasion material.The peeling rate is up to 98%.


    02 Potato Chips Slicing Cutting

    potato chips cutting slicing machineHow to cut potatoes into fries, how to cut potatoes into chips, how to cut waffle fries?

    Potato Chips Slicing Cutting Machine is able to cut the peeled potatoes into slices, chips, sticks, strips and shredded potatoes easily.

    Thickness of potato strips & slices are adjustable (from 1.5-10mm)


    03  Potato Chips Blanching

    manaul potato chips blanching machineBlanching is an important step.  It slows down the enzyme reactions that cause foods to lose their flavor and color.

    An accurate blanching time and correct temperature setting is the key for this process.

    Potato Chips blanching machine is designed with water temperature automatically controlled and blanching time adjustable freely.


    04  Potato Chips Dewatering

    Potato Chips Dewatering machienBefore the chips or fries are fried, this process will remove the surface water to raise the quality of frying process, which results in a crispier final product.

    Potato chips dehydration machine uses the centrifugal dewatering methods with through the fast rotating barrel, and equipped with anti-shock system to ensure a reliable working condition.


    05  Potato Chips Frying

    manual potato chips frying machineHow to fry French fries? How to make potato crisps wafers?

    In this process, fresh potato chips and fries will be fried with a Batch operation fryer.

    Small Potato Chips French Fries Frying machine adopts advanced oil-water mixture technology, which can save consumption of 50%oil, and 40% power.

    Both Electricity and gas are all available as the heating source.

    Frying time in accordance with different recipe is easy to set up and automatic control during chips and fries frying process.electric potato chips frying machine


    06  Fried Potato Chips De-oiling

    Potato Chipes De-fatting MachinePotato chips and French fires are crisper and tasty after de-oiling process, also too much fat has no benefits to health.

    Chips De-oiling machine is similar to potato chips dewatering machine, uses the centrifugal dewatering methods with through the fast rotating barrel to remove the fat fast.


     07  Fried Potato Chips Flavouring

    Fried Potato Chips Flavouring MachineThis process Provides with a wide range of flavorings, such as salt and pepper, to meet different customer demand for potato chips, hot chips, finger chips, fries, frites, potato wedges.

    Fried Potato Chips Flavouring Machine is able to mix and season food evenly, and discharge automatically.


     08  Fried Potato Chips Packing

    Nitrogen Filled Packing machine


    Fried Potato Chips Nitrogen Filled Packing machine seals chips and fries in bags with full nitrogen; it would not react with oxygen so that potato chips can keep fresh for a long time without any taste losses.

    Some times, also recommend Inflatable packaging machine  to  improved crush resistance, and reduce the damage of the food during transport.

    Small potato chips making machine list for a capacity of 30 Kg/h


    No. Machine Specification Power Weight Dimension
    1 Washing &Peeling Machine HPM10 0.75KW/220V 60Kg 690*430*860mm
    2 Potato Chips Slicing Cutting Machine HCM400 0.75KW/220V 60Kg 650*510*700mm
    3 Potato Chips Blanching Machine HBT-1000 15kw/380v 90Kg 1310*650*700mm
    4 Potato Chips Dehydration Machine HDM500 0.75kw/380v 320Kg 940*560*830mm
    5 Potato Chips French Fries Frying Machine HFM500 9kw/380v 80Kg 880*620*930mm
    6 Chips Deoiling Machine HDO500 0.75kw/380v 320Kg 940*560*830mm
    7 Fried Potato Chips Flavouring Machine HSM800 0.75kw/220v 400Kg 1000*800*1380mm
    8 Nitrogen fill Packing Machine (option) HPM-400 1kw/380v 180Kg 1050*650*855mm
    Inflatable packaging machine HFR-1000 750W/380V 70kG 1020*570*1010mm
    For detailed information of these small potato chips making machine,pls visit potato chips processing machine.


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