Potato Chip Slicer, Commercial French Fries Cutter

Potato Chip Slicer, Commercial French Fries Cutter

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Potato Chip Slicer, Commercial French Fry Cutter is a finger chips, curly potato, potato waffle, potato wedge, potato spiral and French fries slicing machine of various capacities.

Different chips cutting only need to change the knives in one machine.

Potato chips French fries cutting and slicing is a most important process both for frying and frozen potato fries manufacture.

  • Port: Qingdao Port, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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    Potato Chips Slicing Machine Brief Introduce

    Potato Chip Slicer is necessary in both potato chips making plant and French fries production process.

    This professional French fry cutter is easy to meet the final production of much specification, such like potato chips, finger chips, potato wedge, curly potato, crinkle potato, potato waffle, potato spiral, potato spiral, potato fries, potato French etc., all in one, just need to be mounted different cutting or slicing knives.

    Additional, more unexpected is the value of this chips cutter price.

    Potato Chip Slicer Features

    1. Suitable for slicing Potato chip, French fry, finger chips, strip cuts, curly potato, potato waffle, potato wedge, potato spiral and potato fries at high production capabilities with excellent results.
    2. Potato Chip Slicer features interchangeable cutting heads that enable the processor to change the type of cut in just minutes for slices, strips and chips, continuous operation for uninterrupted.
    3. Thickness of potato strips & slices are adjustable (from 1-10mm) in a smooth and uninterrupted manner.
    4. Two feeding designs, vertical feeding and side feeding is option.
    5. Also suitable as necessary cutting machines in root vegetable processing, like sweet potatoes, cassavas, carrot, radish etc.
    6. Helpful fries cutting machine in large labor workload restaurant.

    Potato Chip Slicer Technical Data

    Specification Power Capacity Weight Dimension Application
    HCM400 0.75 Kw 200 Kg/h 60Kg 650×510×700mm  chips, strips & slices
    HCM400B 0.75 Kw 400 Kg/h 70Kg 745×590×885mm
    HCM600 1.5 Kw 240 Kg/h 100Kg 820×760×1000mm
    HCM600B 1.5 Kw 800 Kg/h 120Kg 1030×910×990mm
    HCM600C 1.5 Kw 1000 Kg/h 120Kg 1030×910×990mm slices only


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