Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine

Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine

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Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine is used for quickly cooling and dewatering the surface water of chips fries after blanching process to improve crispiness of the chips, fries ,stick and shorter frying times.

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    Potato Chips Cooling and Dehydrating Process

    Before the chips or fries are fried, this process will remove the surface water to raise the quality of frying process, which results in a crispier final product.

    01 Potato Chips Dehydrating Machine for small potato chips French fries production Line

    Potato Chips Dehydrating MachineMachine


    Potato chips dehydration machine, taking advantage of centrifugal dewatering methods, can remove the surface water from blanched potato chips and fries, processed by this dewatering machine can be fried easily in the following frying machine. With through the fast rotating barrel, and equipped with anti-shock proof device, this dehydration machine can work in high rotating speed.

    Technical data

    Specification Power Capacity Weight Dimension
    HDM500 0.75Kw/380V 8–10Kg/batch 400Kg 940*560*830mm
    HDM600 1.1Kw/380V 15–20Kg/batch 500Kg 1050*660*930mm
    HDM700 1.5Kw/380V 20–30Kg/batch 600Kg 1180*750*930mm
    HDM800 2.2Kw/380V 30–40Kg/batch 700Kg 1280*820*100mm

    02 Potato Chips Dehydrating Line for Automatic Potato Chips Line

     Potato Chips Dehydrating Line


    The high quality demands equal colors of the stick and prevention of after cooking darkening. Before the chips or fries are fried, it should be properly dried. Fries air drying machine conveyer chips or fries with air blowing while chips turnover, the surface water will be removed completely and quickly, the dryer has to remove a certain amount of the water from the product to improve crispiness of the stick and shorter frying times.

    This continuous dewatering line machine suits all kind of automatic frying products; it adopts the fan and belt to remove the surface water on blanched potato chips

    Technical data

    Specification Power Capacity Weight Dimension
    HFG4000 6.75Kw/380V 1000Kg/h 400Kg 4000*1000*1600mm
    HFG5000 8.25 Kw/380V 2000Kg/h 500Kg 5000*1000*1600mm
    HFG6000 9.75 Kw/380V 3000Kg/h 600Kg 6000*1000*1600mm

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