Chips-Auxiliary-Machine|Potato Drum Washer and Conveyer

Chips-Auxiliary-Machine|Potato Drum Washer and Conveyer

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chips auxiliary machine is thee assistant equipment in automatic chips making line, includes potato drum washer, chips washer, potato elevator, conveyor and sorting table.


  • Port: Qingdao Port, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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    01 Fresh Potato Drum Washer

    Fresh potato drum washer

    In an industry potato chips French fries making plant, due to the large final products capacity, potatoes should be have a preliminary washing before going to peeling process.

    Based on mutual friction and water spray shower, the potato drum washer will remove clay, sand and soil from the potatoes of high efficiency.

    Technical data

    Specification Power Capacity Dimension
    GQX3000 3.75KW 3000-5000Kg/h 3000*1200*2200mm
    GQX4000 5.5KW 5000-10000Kg/h 4000*1300*2300mm
    GQX5000 7.5KW 10000-15000Kg/h 5000*1300*2300mm


    02 Chips Washing Machine

    chips  Washing Machine

    For the automatic frying or frozen chips process, the slices fall into a cold-water air bubble washing machine that removes the starch released when the potatoes are cut. Some manufacturers, who market their chips as natural, like banana and plantain chips, normally do not wash the starch off the potatoes.

    Normally, this washing machine is also applied in vegetable and fruit pre-processing.

    Technical Data

    Specification Power Capacity Dimension
    CQX300 1.87KW 1000Kg/h 3000*1020*1350mm
    CQX400 2.57KW 2000Kg/h 4130*1010*1550mm
    CQX500 3.37KW 3000Kg/h 5200*1010*1550mm
    CQX600 4.75KW 4000Kg/h 6500*1250*1550mm


    03   Chips Auxiliary Conveyor Machines

    Chips Auxiliary Machine Conveyer

    De-stoning Elevator is the first step machine for a large fries making process to deposit sand and soil from the potatoes.

    Sorting table normally is used as an inspection device for peeled potatoes or fried chips.

    Conveyor is to transfer materials in the process.


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